As the world observes

Those who have lost their mothers asked that they continue to rest in peace and advised their fans to treat their mothers with dignity.

Singer, Becca, wrote: My Rock!! And my strength!!! You conceived and kept me for 9months after which you birthed me. After that you have been there for me for over 30years. Today all I want to say is for all the time you spent straightening me and making sure I'm moulded into who I am today, thank you!! There is no repayment for all you have done especially the sleepless nights. I am a tough cookie and I know but, you still got me!!! Thank you mama!!! Happy Mother's Day!! To you and all the hard working mums out there. God blessHappy!! Mother's Day!!! Mama. God bless you for loving me and keeping me as a daughter. I appreciate you so much and honestly I celebrate you always today is just a bonus. I love you mama   you!!!

Stonebwoyhad this to say:

We are all Born of flesh and blood But amongst us Shall Be Smaller Gods ,Legends ,Record Breakers..Thank You Mama For Birthing Me All Of The Above!!Keep Watching Over Us in All Realms!Prouder Than This I'll Make You!! Continue To Rest In Peace...#BhimMaMa#TheFounder

Actress Vivian Jill Lawrence sat on her mother’s grave as she posted: Hmmm I'm very sadmiss her soo much. Please take very good care of your mother if she is still alive. How I wish mine was still al...... she was the best mother ever.HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Actor, Adjetey Anang kept his message short as he posted: "mothersday Bless u now and always. Thank u Maa!"

Comedian and musician, Funny Face wished that God gives her mum more years.

“My Joy .. My love .. My faithful woman ... happy Mothers Day BEATRICE AFUA SAFOA BOATENG .. You are simply amazing .. Tanx for being der for me all dis years .. I don't have money to buy u private Jet Auntie B .. But all I have is to ask GOD to bless you with more years for me to give you 11 children and name all of dem after you .. Love you !!”