Must she be jailed whilst NAM 1 is free? Social media divided over Akuapem Poloo conviction

Akuapem Poloo has been convicted over her nude photo with her son after she pleaded guilty to charges levelled against her and that has divided the internet.

Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo,

Earlier today, an Accra Circuit court convicted the Ghanaian but remanded her in police custody and postponed her sentencing because as a requirement by law, the court must be sure of her state as a woman.

Hence, an order for a pregnancy test to be conducted to ensure that she is not pregnant before her sentencing. Poloo is likely to be handed a jail time of not more than 3 years, community service or fine based on the presiding Judge's discretion.

However, her conviction and awaiting sentencing expected to be delivered on Friday, 16th April 2021, has sparked debate on social media. Others argue that the court has been unfair to Poloo whilst others believe her conviction is in order with the law.

A Twitter user, @gyaigyimii, wrote "MPs dey fire warning shots for crowd inside some too dey snatch ballot papers for parliament house but ibi Akuapem Poloo in case u want take show saw laws dey this country".

"There are politicians that have embezzled BILLIONS of dollars in state funds still walking free and Akuapem Poloo posting her nudes is where y’all draw the line? Fuck you guys for real." @amaarae tweeted.

"If u want Ghana to be like an aburokyire that Twene Jonas is always saying, then you shouldn't say this. The law doesn't care about being a single mother. Small mistake then children are being taken from their parents to the social services" @NanaKwart replied @gyaigyimii who also said "But jokes aside Akuapem Poloo should not be sent to jail. Maybe a hefty fine will do. She is a single mother. It won't be fair to let the boy be without his mother".

See more tweets below as tweeps debate on the Poloo conviction.

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