Nana Aba gets trolled over bad grammar at #Rapperholic18

Nana Aba Anamoah

Ordinarily, it shouldn't be news if a public figure or a media person makes grammatical errors or commit a blunder while speaking or writing.

But people are making a meal out of it because Nana Aba has a habit of mischievously correcting people on Twitter.

And so it happens that people were waiting for the day she will make grammatical errors to demand their pound of flesh.

And they couldn't have gotten it at a better time than on Christmas Day.


Her opening remarks at the Rapperholic will herald a series of blunders many netizens will hardly pardon her for.

"Welcome to the biggest continent in Africa," she said, when she actually meant the "Biggest concert in Africa."

She again said: "Let us stand and give Sarkodie a standing ovation" when she meant "let us give Sarkodie a standing ovation."

In a twinkling, Twitter was bombarded with messages railing against her.

"Henceforth, Nana Aba doesn't have any moral right to correct anyone on social media. This #Rapperholic concert had exposed her big time. Her head die!!!," a Twitter user noted.


"Nana Aba Anamoah....overrated fraud. Kai. Then she will block you if you criticize her. Kuraseni," another said.

A user said: "I present to you the Queen of the Continent a.k.a Queen Elizabeth s.k.a English Teacher b.k.a Corrector of Grammar, Nana Aba Anamoah."

"Nana Aba said ' welcome to the biggest continent...' with some whooping 99% confidence interval but that brief silence that followed meant everything she said is beans," a Twitter user said.


"Nana Aba Anamoah English madam. Queen of Block. Welcome to the biggest continent in Africa 200 seconds is less than 2 mins," another also tweeted.

Another Twitter user also said: "Nana Aba say conference Centre Be continent .. Somebody dem introduce you as most intelligent .. #Rapperholic"

Others defended her


Nana Aba correcting people for wrong English is not a bad thing so don't make it seem so. Also saying Africa is the biggest continent is not "gbaa" so you people should not about her poor performance as MC and not this pettiness .

"Now y'all Ghanaians need to realise we dey learn someones Language, shun the bashing and trying to be savages when someone gets something wrong. Even the Landlady of brofo, Nana Aba dey show s3 ne ti awu," another user defended.


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