Ghanaian Highlife musician,

He is of the view that most talents are sinking because of the lack of support from DJs. According to him, most Ghanaian DJs instead of promoting the local acts, focus on playing songs by Nigerians whereas DJs in Nigeria do not play songs by Ghanaians.

"Ghana music is being controlled by DJs. Let's not hide behind hypocrisy but face the fact. There are wonderful and better musicians out there who are not getting publicity. I keep saying this but sometimes people get me wrong. We have a problem and people don't want to voice out. When some musicians are given bigger platforms like what you have given me, they don't voice out their problems; rather complain behind doors and cry,” he said in an interview with DJ Premiere on Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital.

“One of the biggest problems is that all the radio stations in Ghana play Nigerian songs meanwhile when you go to Nigeria, they don't play Ghanaian songs that much. When we meet ourselves in the studios, people complain a lot. They fear to speak publicly because their music will not be played. We need the support of the DJs because going to the studio to do the music is about 10 percent and the rest lies on the DJs and the fans out there. So if the DJs do not play your music, how are your fans going to hear your music?” he queried.

Nana Quame is out with a single titled, “Medo”