“Do you know we musicians have no pension? So I took a break out of music to take care of my kids. Because I am a father, I have to take care of my kids. I think it is important because when you go to the studio, when you record and do promotion there is no break. It keeps on and on and on. So you don’t have time. So I took a break to take care of my kids.

“Secondly, to also sort out some one or two issues”, he said.

Nana was one of Ghana’s most celebrated contemporary highlife artists and was very popular in the early 2000 with songs such as ‘Atia Donko’, Julie, ‘Asew’ and many others.

The musician who has been away for a long while came back into the music scene this year with a new song titled ‘Akye’ which features dancehall artist Samini and he will be staging his first major performance at the F14 concert on Valentine’s Day.

Nana said the concert will be his major comeback concert, though he would also perform at Mzbel’s Red Concert on February 7.

“I will be performing on Mzbel’s programme but I will say there is a big difference between F14 Concert and Mzbel concert. February 22 is my birthday and I see F14 as my birthday present to my fans and love ones because I have been away for about six years now. It means a lot to me,” he said.