Ghanaian rapper,

Pono expressed his conviction that if Anas goes ahead to release his video on June 6, he (Yaa Pono) will be unable to finish his video promotion.

Let me release my video before your premiere – Pono begs Anas

According to the artiste, the popularity of Anas’ latest piece makes it difficult for him to market his music.

He shared on Twitter saying :

“Dear @Anasglobal, I beg cool down small let me promo my video and release it before you hype your show … yours faithfully (Ponobiom)”,

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He, therefore, asked if Anas could consider a change of date for his event so that he (Yaa Pono) could effectively market his work.

The latest investigative piece from the Anas-led Tiger Eye PI team is allegedly focused on corruption in sports and politics.