The real facts has been revealed as accusations which were formed against the Bullhaus Entertainment team has been debunked by the lady in question.

Barely a month ago, a secret conversation between Shatta Wale and a female fan known on social media as Obaapa Shatta Wale was leaked whereby the two plotted to frame the Bullhaus Entertainment team with rape. This tape was made public by the CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, Kendrick Yehowada on his Facebook account. It created a whole confusion as opinions were divided as to the truth of the matter.

Finally, Obaapa Shatta Wale has confessed that the whole issue was a lie and that it was Shatta Wale who plotted the case. She made this known in interview with Hot FM.

The Accra based radio station contacted the CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment CEO for his side of the story and he expressed much delight about the vindication the news has brought him. He also stated that peace is all he wanted and can now go back to his normal duties.