Since then, he has been addressed as Ebony’s boyfriend by some fans and media outlets, however, one Alexander Fiifi Abaka, who works with Rufftown Records as a publicist says that Ogee never dated the late Ebony.

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According to a report by Frederick Gyamfi as seen on, Alexander has said on Class FM that Ebony never spoke to him about her relationship and added that she was not dating.


“Ebony we knew on stage and in the media was very different from the Priscilla Opoku- Kwarteng who was kind, loving and ready to help others. One thing I remember was she never talked about her relationship, it was always work, work, and work so I didn’t see anybody dating ebony”. He said.

Detailing the relationship between Ogee and Ebony, the Rufftown Records publicist explained that “Ogee and Ebony were very close friends but he was her hype man but nothing else. When a girl and guy are always moving together there is always an assumption that they are dating,

Ogee is a hype man and that was what he did. Posting her pictures on his page was just for ebony’s publicity nothing else”.

The Ruftown Records publicist also informed listeners that the rough issues between the record label and Ebony’s father, Nana Opoku Kwateng have been resolved and that the label will be collaborating with her father in organizing her one-year commemoration event.

However, there have also been rumours that Ogee The MC has parted ways with Bullet and Rufftown Records but there hasn’t been any official statement or confirmation from any of the parties yet about that.