Pop star proves he is the main attraction

Peter Okoye's brand success shouldn't come as a surprise to people who know his input in the Psquare setup.

Peter Okoye

Presently Peter Okoye has endorsement deals with Olympic milk, Adidas and KIA. In March 2016, Psquare and its manager Jude Okoye experienced a difficult time as an ugly split played out in public.

As Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye fought on the pages of Instagram and hallways of Twitter, fans made bets on who would be more successful when they eventually split- Peter or Paul.

For some strange reason a lot of people don’t rate Peter Okoye highly. Yes his twin brother is the music genius and was responsible for a lot of Psquare’s greatest hits but Peter Okoye brought in the x-factor. It cannot be contested that Peter is the more famous twin.

People who are familiar with Psquare know that Peter Okoye is the star of the whole set-up. He has the killer looks, he is the better performer and better dancer. A lot of folks dismissed Peter Okoye as the pretty boy who has nothing to offer when he goes solo.

During the whole drama I wrote that people shouldn't count Peter Okoye out. “Peter Okoye is a true celebrity. Paul Okoye is the introvert that keeps to himself while Peter is the extrovert who mixes and socializes with people...Peter Okoye is regarded as a sex symbol. He remains one of the most desirable men in Nigeria’s entertainment scene. Women want him and lust after him” I wrote back in March, 2016.

I am not surprised that Peter Okoye is now racking up endorsement deals. He is a star and brands want to associate with star celebrities. Peter Okoye has not even kicked off his solo properly and he has these deals. By the time he fully goes solo he will be a deal magnet.

Paul Okoye has his own strengths. He has hit the ground running with his label and the acts sound promising. He is a thoroughbred music man and isn’t really focused on the celebrity business. That’s Peter Okoye’s strength and this will make him successful during the post Psquare era.


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