"Making difficult choices" by Peace Hyde

This is an exclusive Pulse blog by British-Ghanaian television presenter and actress, Peace Hyde. "...No matter how prepared or focused you are there are always going to be some sleepless nights over really big decisions..."

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Hello and welcome to this weeks piece of peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. Today I would like to share with you on the topic of “Making Difficult Choices.” Two weeks ago I was faced with a tough decision to make. It was something I had never faced before so it left me slightly confused as to which way to go. In times where this happens I do one of two things.

Firstly, I look through my different sources of motivational materials and see who has the right advice that most suits what I need. Secondly, I seek advice from people I respect and I know can give me unbiased and honest feedback. Everybody has one of those and if you don’t then it is important you find someone you trust to fill those shoes. For me, that person is my Mother. She is the one person that does not manage my feelings and no matter what the truth is, for better or for worse, she delivers the information with the same love and care as always.

The decision making process is never an easy one. No matter how prepared or focused you are there are always going to be some sleepless nights over really big decisions. Sometimes that pressure is so intense that it forces us to completely disregard logical and well thought out steps in favour of the easiest and fastest solutions. A friend of mine had to make a choice between two guys who were actively fighting for her attention. Both men represented two sides of things she wanted the most.

The first man was super romantic, caring and affectionate but did not really have a steady job and hence an unreliable financial situation. The second was wealthy and well established. He owned several businesses and had even gone as far as opening a fashion line for her. In contrast, he had no romance. My friend was torn between the two. On the one hand, she was a hopeless romantic but at the same time she needed financial help and support. Faced with the tough decision about the two men, she decided to date both men until she got caught cheating and consequently lost both of them in the end.


Big decisions can cause serious stress in your life. They can cloud your mind and thereby prevent you from committing to a solid path. This is because, our emotions tend to cloud our judgment and because many of us cannot separate the two, it becomes a struggle to make the right choices. One good way of dealing with a difficult situation is trying to put yourself in the advisory position for a friend. In other words, pretend like you are giving advice to a friend who is dealing with the situation you are in.  What would you say to them. Would you tell them to do what you strongly want to do based on your emotions or would you take a logical approach and point them in the right direction. Uncertainty is a very tricky thing.

It implies instability, which causes our brains to immediately perceive danger. We are all accustomed to doing the same things because by default we are all creatures of habit. Sometimes when faced with a difficult decision, challenging yourself could offer you the solution you need. This means doing the exact opposite of what you would normally do by confronting your default behavior and stepping outside your comfort zone.

It can certainly be a trying time when this happens but the most important thing to remember is Do not panic. Take your time and think clearly, removing any short-term emotions and seeking advice from people you trust and in the end everything will fall into place. And always remember, be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

Much Love,

Peace Hyde.


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