Ghanaian rapper Gemini Orleans has named Ghana’s first president as “the worst thing that ever happened to Ghana after Jerry John Rawlings” according to

The rapper continued that the sitting president, His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama is the president to follow the list. According to him, it is a fact and it cannot be disputed.

Explaining why Kwame Nkrumah is the worst thing that ever happened to Ghana after Rawlings, he said

"Nkrumah just implemented what had been planned out by JB Danquah and the other four of the Big six with the British colony before he joined them from the States. He was the perfect example of Judas. He messed up the intelligent plan of the UGCC with his selfish interest in attempt to be president of Africa (which is dumb to me). Too bad he had to die in exile. Secondly,Jerry the worst for numerous reasons for example he pronounced that everyman was only entitled to owning one house,fast forward today he has 3 houses we know of and probably others we know not of but then he forcefully seized the rich at the time’s assets. He also brought back the horrible act of preventive detention introduced by Nkrumah which created an era where people that spoke the truth against his gov’t went missing till date. As for the incumbent…no comment just ask about him. I’m not speaking without facts and I’m not interested in partisan politicking,I just state the #PureFacts I could educate you on a lot you don’t know but I will when necessary!"