Reggae veteran slams artistes who sing about butts and boobs!

The vet criticised young Nigerian musicians for not imbibing the culture of singing for social change.

Ras Kimono.

The dreadlocks artiste thinks music should be a tool for social change as opposed to what currently obtains.

He talked more on this as well as the now booming Nigerian music industry in an interview published by Punch News'Sunday Scoop today.

“Music is supposed to be a weapon of social change," he said.

"A musician is supposed to be a prophet who speaks the truth as it affects everybody in the society. But can you tell me what these young artistes are preaching about.

"They do nothing but sing about butt, boobs and other mundane things that do not add value to anybody.

"It is not a bad thing to sing party or dancehall music but there is a problem when 95 per cent of the music out there sound the same and don’t even have any meaning.

"Most times, I listen to these songs and get angry. Look at the musicians of yesteryears, the songs are still relevant today, decades after they were originally released.

"But if you listen to a song that was released just last year, you may want to throw up. That’s because those songs have very short life-span.

"After people dance to it for some time, they dump it in the trash bin of time and move on to the next song.

"That is not what music is supposed to be about. People still play Fela’s music today because it still has something to offer.

"Reggae music, which I do, dwells on topical issues bothering the society. I really want the younger artistes to have a change of heart and think of the future; it is very important.”

Ras Kimono expressed joy over the wealth that is now associated with successful Nigerian musicians, but added one more advice.

He counseled young artistes who have been blessed with money to spend prudently as their acquisitions can easily vanish as quickly as they have come.

The 'Under pressure' songster will no doubt be pleased with his daughter, Oge Kimono, who seems to be spearheading a renaissance of her own.


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