Ghanaian actress,

Salma believes the perception that it is unsafe to be in a relationship with female stars has accounted for this. According to her, most people opine that female celebrities cannot be faithful as they have so many admirers.

“With my encounter with so many men discussing issues about marriage, they are always scared to enter into a relationship with celebrities not to even talk about marriage. This is because they feel everybody wants them so they don’t even have time to stay home to take care of the house. They have this perception about celebrities that we are all whores because every man wants us and once they call us, we will be running into their hands so nobody wants to even settle down with a celebrity,” she told Hitz FM’s MzGee.

Salma further discredited assertions that female celebrities are whores.

She intimated that because of the nature of their work, they meet different people at different times and may become friends thereafter.

The actress indicated that once there is the perception that female celebrities are whores, partners become overly suspicious and since every relationship is based on trust, it threatens the security of that relationship.

“No we are not prostitutes. We have heart, blood running through our veins, we’ve got feelings so we meet people that we fall in love with or enter into a relationship with which will lead to marriage. But with that perception even when they are with you, they feel you are cheating. It hurts a lot so every man out there should just stop thinking that about us,” she said.

Salma Mumin has featured in a number of movies including No Man's Land, Passion and Soul, The Will, Seduction, No Apology, Purple Rose, Crazy, Five Brides, Happy Death Day and Family Album.