The ‘Ragga Dada’ hit maker has thrown his weight behind the campaign to get Ghanaians to patronise made in Ghana rice.

In a video, Samini called on all Ghanaians to eat locally grown rice in order to give the country’s economy a boost.

He further urged the public to watch out for his own brand of local rice.

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Samini Dagaati
Samini Dagaati

“On this note, rice from Ghana is what all Ghanaians must eat, both home and abroad. This is rice from Ghana and if we start patronising rice from Ghana, in the next 20 years or even less, you will be surprised what the Ghanaian economy is going to be like.

“Watch out for my own brand of rice,” the High Grade Family boss added.

Advocacy for the consumption of local rice has been high in recent weeks, with Accra-based Citi FM leading the charge.

A campaign has been launched to get Ghanaians to patronise local rice as against the ones imported from other countries.

Recently, actor cum politician John Dumelo called on local farmers reduce the prices of local rice to make them affordable to Ghanaians.

According to him, the consumption of local rice can only be increased if it is made affordable to citizens.

In a Facebook post, Dumelo said it is interesting that despite the shipping and duty costs that foreign rice dealers endure, imported rice is still cheaper than local rice.