Formerly known as Gift Mawunya Nkornu became Mrs Dumelo in a glorious white ceremony on the 11th of May. Happy to be joined in holy matrimony with her beloved, she took to Instagram to share her joy with her fans. 

But alas not every one of happy for her. In fact, one bold IG user commented on a photo of the newly wedded couple and her parents saying, “I don’t know but this wedding irritates me so much, no hard feelings though. I just don’t know why…sorry.”

To which the new Mrs Dumelo succinctly replied, “I don’t know why but I think this is certainly the highest form of witchcraft…sorry.”

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Mrs Dumelo IG post
Mrs Dumelo IG post

We do agree with Mrs Dumelo because such a beautiful ceremony would only spark envy in the heart of a ‘witch’. The Dumelo wedding is known to be one of the best celebrity weddings by far especially for this year.

Once again, we congratulate the couple who have no place for haters or whatsoever!