Born-again student shocks examiners as she writes Bible passages during examinations

A confused student wrote bible verses and prayers as answers during her biology paper.

Answer booklet

A born again Christian has shocked examinations with her answers during a biology test. According to the examiners, she refused any help saying she’s a member of the SU (Scripture Union). 

But her answers have sent everyone in shock even the online audience after reading what she passed off as answers in a biology test. 

Some of the things she wrote: “I pray that the grace that was available for Joseph to deny sleeping with the wife of Potiphar will be sufficient to see me through my journey.”

She also wrote, “The lord is my Shepherd, I cannot want. Oh Lord, my faith is clinging to you. I want you to bless me with a good result that you give to people who do not fail you. Ancient of days, as old as you are. You will never change.”

Actions of some Christian fanatics can be baffling especially in such circumstances. Whose fault is it when she fails; God, the examiner or herself? 


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