Nigerian actress TontoDikeh according to an account in her name is pregnant and has shared the wonderful news with her fans.

The account ‘’ shared on Instagram a picture of the actress with a caption insinuating that she is pregnant but apparently, the news is as fake as the account.

The picture was captioned; Lord thank you for the seed of life you planted inside of me, it such a beauty when he/she kicks inside of u! I kw most of ya may be wondering y hav been taking lot of head shots lately I will tell u why, n d season iz becuz God haz been faithful and his been keeping his words in Genesis 3:16 #EasyLionEasyTiger#YOLO#Pokolee#ThankGod4Growth#

Fans who do not know that the account is not being handled by the actress have congratulated her whereas others have also lashed out on her.