Vicky Zuagh denies endorsing 'dating married men' as legit way of hustling (WATCH)

Vicky Zugah has denied endorsing women dating married men as a legit way of hustling.

Vicky Zugah

In reports that went viral from her appearance on Selly Galley's 'Opinions' show, she was reported to have said that 'she sees nothing wrong with women sleeping with married men in return for financial returns'.

Reacting to the report, Vicky says didn't say 'married men". Posting a clip from the interview, she wrote: "Where exactly in this video did I say it is okay to sleep with married men for money?"


She continued that " The host @sellygalley didn’t even mention ‘married men’ however some bloggers decided to misconstrue my answer just for traffic?! I have seen and read nasty comments by some so-called fans who always come to sing hallelujah on my page, shouting “crucify her”!!!"

Expressing her disappointment in the source of the news, she said: "I am usually nonchalant about social media trolls and try not to let them get to me, But I must say I am highly disappointed in the source of yet another defamatory news".

According to the Ghanaian actress, she is not going to bother explaining herself - "I will let this slide and won't speak about it again neither am I granting interviews.I would rather channel my energy and time towards more important things. At the end, God is the ultimate judge".

However, from the video, Vicky could be heard saying that "There is nothing wrong with someone supporting you financially whether or not they are sleeping with you. People sleep with you and don’t support you financially anyways". Watch the video below.



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