The news of his death shook the world, millions of people have mourned him.

But Wendy Shay has been trying to ride on his death to get headlines in the news.

A few hours after his passing, Wendy took to Twitter to tweet a controversial tribute, causing a serious outrage on the 280-character platform.

“RIP Kobe..until we meet again,” she tweeted.

Then, on Friday (Jan. 31), she sent another controversial tweet, saying “still can’t believe u gone @kobebryant I’ve been playing ur song all night RIP.”

Twitter users told her they are aware of Kobe’s short musical career – which wasn’t the highlight of his entire career.

“Trust me she just tweeted that to ride on the hype it’s gonna bring. She can’t even sing ancient of Days how much more know of Kobe’s song ??” user @dehrikk said.

And instead of realising the guff, she tried to offer another explanation which was a total hogwash, according to some Twitter users.

She tweeted a song by Kobe with the caption: “Instead of you to research y’all insulting smh ..I’m a die hard fan of @kobebryant that’s y I know somethings u don’t know. You guys are still sleeping. Wake up !!”

Then, tweeted demonstrated where the real ‘power lies.’

Below are some tweets damning the artiste.