Mr George Lutterodt, has been one of the actress’ heavyweight critics who continuously and sternly chastise her for giving birth out of wedlock.

The controversial Counsellor has the opinion that Yvonne is a role model to many and she could have done better to uphold the Christian values and traditional virtues to have been married before giving birth.

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He goes to the point of calling the actress’ daughter, Ryn Roberts, a bastard and sometimes addresses the baby in Twi as “kwasia ba”.

Miss Nelson may have had enough from the Counsellor, so in a recent interview with Abeiku Santana, she says she will blame the Counsellor’s wife for his antics because she (Yvonne) wonders what type of wife she is that she doesn’t call her husband to order.

In the video sighted by, Yvonne also went ahead and added that she will also blame the Counsellor’s entire family for not advising him that his utterances across the mass media are unacceptable.

Watch her say more in the video below and tell us if this is a fair clap back or not.