You can’t build a house in East Legon on an actor's salary- Ekow Smith Asante

Ghanaian actor and film producer, Ekow Smith Asante, has shed light on the financial challenges faced by actors and actresses in the Ghanaian film industry.

Ekow Smith Asante

He emphasized that the industry's low pay makes it difficult for them to afford houses in prime residential areas like East Legon.

During an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, Ekow Smith explained that building a house in East Legon is a daunting prospect for actors and actresses, as they often rely on favors and gifts to be able to live in such upscale neighborhoods.

“I think building a house in East Legon would be difficult. It is very dicey because actors and actresses for instance, get favours”, Ekow Smith shared.

He dispelled the misconception that Ghanaian actors and actresses lead lavish lifestyles, stating that their earnings are insufficient to sustain such extravagance.


According to Ekow Smith, while actors may receive gifts from individuals based on their roles in movies, accumulating enough funds to build a house without such support would take a considerable amount of time.

“Somebody can give me something because of my particular role in a movie. With gifts from people, it can support you to build, but I think it will take a very long time without it. How much are you paid, GHc10, 000, Ghc20, 000, Ghc30, 000 or what? ” he queried.

He also raised the question of how much actors are paid, highlighting the significant disparity compared to their Nigerian counterparts who adopt a more business-oriented approach and earn millions of dollars.

Ekow Smith further revealed that many actors and actresses from his era were unable to invest in their craft due to the industry's low wages, especially when compared to the Nigerian film industry.

He expressed his belief that Nigerian actors prioritize business ventures, which hinders the progress of the Ghanaian film industry. He noted that actors of his time have resorted to other businesses, such as operating restaurants, to supplement their income due to the industry's inability to provide substantial financial returns.


Ekow Smith, currently residing in the United Kingdom, joined a list of industry veterans, including Mikky Osei Berko, Fred Amugi, Mama Jane, and Pascaline Edwards, who have openly acknowledged the lack of financial rewards in the Ghanaian acting industry.

It's worth mentioning that despite Ekow Smith's remarks, there are actresses such as Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, and Tracey Boakye who are proud homeowners in East Legon and its surrounding areas, residing among Ghana's affluent elite.


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