Akosia, a non-profit organization that organizes creative clinics for children in underprivileged communities, is scheduled to run from 1st to 30th, August 2016 in Jamestown, Accra.

For the past seven years, children living in Jamestown, Accra have been invited to take part in a filmmaking project during their summer vacation. The project is run by Akosia, a small nonprofit that was founded in October 2008 to inspire social change, encourage creative expression and promote an “ask, don’t tell” culture in education. AKOSIA works with underprivileged children to create a safe and stimulating learning environment where they are able to express themselves and learn tangible skills beneficial for their future, through film and media projects.

Over a four-week period, children learn the basics of filmmaking; how to write, direct, act in, shoot and produce their own films. In addition, children take on roles in set design, event management and marketing. Akosia believes that film is a great medium which allows children of all abilities to flourish. Every year the 4-week summer camps are directed by a core group of Akosia members and run by local volunteers who willingly provide their time, energy, resources and skills.

Working in partnership with The Street Academy, the Akosia team select the participants from public schools in & around Jamestown. Due to constraints only 40 children are selected and those who do not make it to AKOSIA are bitterly disappointed. The Akosia creative clinic is held in The Street Academy classrooms inside the Center for National Culture (Arts Centre).

Akosia mentors have included M3NSA, Sam Kessie, Wanlov, Kyekyeku, Ofoe Amegavie, Mutombo Da Poet and Fiona Ansah. In 2014 the Akosia children produced and scored a documentary with help from Wanlov and Kyekyeku. 2015 was when they held a photography exhibition while working with Ofoe Amegavie & Fiona Aku Ansah.

This year Akosia will run from 1st to 30th August 2016 with the theme of ‘Nature & Environment’. We’ll help our participants consider ways to keep their neighborhood clean and to produce work that considers the effect of our actions on the environment.

The project will culminate in a mini film festival in the community, an event which allows the children to proudly showcase what they have created; something they can look at and think, “I made that, I am creative, I am resourceful.”

Akosia has found that the projects give the children confidence they never had before, revealing hidden talents within every child. AKOSIA is currently exploring how this annual project can be made more sustainable, helping to support the children who graduate from the AKOSIA project go on to flourish in their further education or training.

We look forward to making the children have the most amazing summer and also volunteers and all involved feel fulfilled for making this possible.

The date for screening of the Final film produced by the children is 30th August 2016 at the Old Kingsway builing in Jamestown, opposite Shell Ghana Head Office