You have to agree that America Ferrera was super funny as one of the main cast in ‘ugly Betty’

However, the American actress seems to have been off TV for a long while now.

The good news is she is coming back on TV very soon, not as Betty!  but a more funnier character and all thanks to NBC's 'Superstore'  for giving us one more movie to crack us up.

The ‘Superstore’ series emphases on the ragtag group of employees at Cloud 9, a fictional big box store.

Starring Ben Feldman as Noah, the new guy who accidentally marks all the items in the store down to a ridiculously low price.

Ferrera as Amy, the sarcastic, long time employee who tries to keep her wacky co-workers in check.

These two eventually fell in love in the most hilarious way.

Watch the first trailer from ‘Superstore’ below.