'BBTitans': Yaya confronts Mmeli for sleeping with Nellisa then avoiding her

Yaya expressed her dissatisfaction with the way things have turned between Mmeli and Nellisa.

'BBTitans'  Yaya confronts Mmeli for sleeping with Nellisa

Things continue to get interesting in Biggie's house as housemate Yaya takes her time to speak with Mmeli about him sleeping with Nellisa.

During the truth or dare game last week, Nellisa confessed her attraction to Mmeli and said she was drawn to him from the beginning of the show.

A day after the game, the two of them (Mmeli and Nellisa) were then seen kissing and cuddling, and they later had sex.

However, after the sex, Mmeli has been avoiding Nellisa and giving her the cold shoulder, and this forced Yaya to step in, confront Mmeli, and have a conversation with him.


Yaya plainly told Mmeli that he was wrong to be avoiding her, and the latter retorted, saying that Nellisa was only being "an instigator."'

Yaya responded by asking why, if Mmeli was aware of this, he slept with her. She went on to tell him that he was wrong to do that.

In her words, "You are wrong for sleeping with that girl, and treating her the way you're treating her. She is someone's child and you shouldn't do that to her. You shouldn't have slept with her, you are wrong, that was a d*ck move."

Mmeli surprisingly agreed with her and sort of promised to deal with the issue better.


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