Check Out 5 Things Wrong With Biopic Plus Funny Memes And Tweets

Check out five things wrong with Aaliyah's biopic, the funny social media memes, and hilarious tweets.

Lifetime's biopic 'Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B'  has been a source of social media controversy. The Biopic which chronicles the untimely death of R&B star Aaliyah Haughton, who died in 2001 in a plane crash in the Bahamas, premiered on November 15.

The outrage and disappointment from fans of Aaliyah, has led to the creation of different funny memes of the movie, and other potential Lifetime biopics.

The biopic might be getting negative reviews, but it seems to be on the verge of “breaking the internet” with the hilarious memes associated with it. presents you with 5 things wrong with the Aaliyah movie.

  • Casting

Aside from Alexandra Shipp, who bears some physical resemblance to Aaliyah, most of the cast  look nothing like the people they were meant to portray.

For instance is the casting  of Chattrisse Dolabaille as Missy Elliott and Izaak Smith as Timbaland. Chattrisse have been criticized to be too thin to play the then-full-figured Missy Elliott.

Timbaland took to his Instagram account to air his thoughts on the Biopic with a video

"A lotta people keep asking me if I'm watching that, Evidently not. No way. Not Timbo."

"This is why people should never remake movies. Now you have to deal with the consequences," Timbaland said in different videos.

  • Aaliyah’s Family are against the movie.

According to Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager Barry Hankerson, he doesn’t think Aaliyah’s story should be told on the small screen. The disapproval of the biopic by Aaliyah's family, brought lots of negativity prior it's premiere.

  • Music

Without her family’s approval, Lifetime weren’t able to obtain music rights for use in the movie, and this happens to be one of the greatest loss of the movie as Aaliyah’s music is hardly in the movie.

  • Aaliyah's Death

The biopic doesn’t address Aaliyah’s death. Probably out of respect, the producers ignored the 2001 plane crash that took the singers life at the age of 22. But then, they could have been scenes on what Hollywood thought of her demise.

  • Aaliyah's Movie Career

The Biopic pays little or no attention to Aaliyah's career as an actress.

Check out all the funny tweets and memes.

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