Crossing Borders: 8 most popular Ghanaian actors in Nollywood

The cross-pollination of talent between Ghana and Nigeria has significantly enriched the film industries of both countries, with several Ghanaian actors making substantial marks in Nollywood, Nigeria's movie sector.

Juliet Ibrahim

These actors have not only become household names in Ghana but have also gained immense popularity in Nigeria, showcasing their versatility and contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of African cinema.

Here are eight Ghanaian actors who have become very popular in Nollywood.


Majid Michel is a prime example of a Ghanaian actor who has found considerable success in Nollywood. Known for his compelling performances and versatility, Majid has starred in numerous Nigerian movies, earning accolades and a massive fan base across Africa.

Van Vicker's smooth transition into Nollywood has made him one of the beloved actors in Nigeria. His charismatic presence and ability to embody diverse roles have made him a favorite among Nigerian moviegoers.


Jackie Appiah's foray into Nollywood has been met with critical acclaim and commercial success. Her performances in Nigerian films have endeared her to audiences, making her one of the most recognized and celebrated actresses across West Africa.

Juliet Ibrahim's talent transcends borders, making her a sought-after actress in Nollywood. Her roles in various Nigerian films have showcased her acting range and solidified her status as a pan-African star.


John Dumelo's ventures into Nollywood have been marked by notable performances in several Nigerian movies. His ability to portray complex characters has earned him a spot among Nigeria's favorite Ghanaian actors.


Nadia Buari has captivated Nollywood audiences with her performances, grace, and beauty. Her appearances in Nigerian films have not only showcased her acting prowess but have also won her critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Yvonne Nelson's contributions to Nollywood have been significant. Known for her roles in both romantic comedies and dramas, Yvonne has demonstrated her versatility as an actress, endearing her to fans in Nigeria.


Joselyn Dumas has made a mark in Nollywood with her captivating performances. Her roles in Nigerian movies have highlighted her as a talented actress, further broadening her appeal and popularity in the Nigerian film industry.

These Ghanaian actors have not only enriched Nollywood with their talents but have also played pivotal roles in fostering the cultural exchange between Ghana and Nigeria, bridging the gap between the two powerhouse film industries of Africa.

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