Rok Studios have released the second teaser for the upcoming and much talked about TV series undefinedwhich is set to premiere in December on undefined

The newly released teaser features Kenneth Okolie's character (Akintade Williams), his wife played by Mary Remmy, and his mother played by Jennifer Eliogu.

What happens when a mother walks in on her son giving his wife head? The clip features the above mentioned three in a very hilarious and awkward scene.

'Husbands of Lagos' tells the story of five men living in Lagos, and the women in their lives.

The series which promises to be an entertaining one stars undefinedundefined Kenneth Okolie, Uche Odoputa, Rich Tanksley, Mary Remmy Njoku, Susan Peters, undefinedYvonne Jegede, Ovire Peggy among others.

Watch Mary Remmy and Kenneth Okolie in above clip, and Peggy Ovire and Uche Oduputa in below clip;