86-year-old Ghanaian actor, George Williams has announced he is still active and young to shoot movies. Uncle George added, he wants to act in movies that suits his age.

George explained, “I may look old to some people but I am very fit to take up roles when movie producers call me. As an actor, you should be able to act even when you are old,”.

“Although I receive a lot of calls from producers to take up roles, I normally reject it because most production houses don’t do good movies. I would rather take my time and feature in a good movie than just be in any movie,” he said.

George has featured in movies such as Genesis Chapter X, Dogo Yaro, Bloody Kids, Mama and TV series, Ultimate Paradise, Uncle George said he feels sad for our recent movies.

He urged script writers to writes scripts that tells about the history and rich cultural heritage of Ghana. The legendary actor recommended Majid Michel for his good works and called on the other star to emulate him.