Not only would the courts deal with the movie producer for changing the movie title to Kakalika love. But

Things are heating up in Camp Fella as the budding actress takes on a seasoned movie producer toe to toe. The problem? A few weeks ago, a flyer for a movie titled ‘Kakalika Love’ featuring Fella Makafui made way onto social media. But the actress publicly declared the movie non-existent, calling the artwork fake.

So this is where it began:

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After losing out on sales, the producers of the movie called Fella out for being greedy. According to them, Fella went on to discredit the movie after they paid her.  Fella also insists that she has done nothing wrong because the movie she featured in was not titled, ‘Kakalika Love’. And that the producers should have consulted her before changing the title of the movie.

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And this is what the movie producer had to say:

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We all know the story behind ‘Kakalika Love’, but my question is why dance to the tune if you don’t want to be associated with the name?