Based on the book series by George R.R. Martins, A Song Of Fire And Ice, the show has grown to become one of the highest grossing shows ever.

But with a budget of $6 million dollars per episode, and a great team, you can only expect the best.

Someone brought the Seven Kingdoms to Nigeria with a subtle touch of creativity.

Oshomah did a what-if-they-were-in-Nigeria thing to some Game of Thrones moments, sort of.

Here are just a few of them:

The Lady with no chill; Brienne of Tarth. Imagine what she'd do for the war in the North East.

We need to be understanding as to why he didn't make an appearance last season. Bran Stark's been busy with a few things.

We hated King Geoffery. Thats fine by me. But we'd have to admit he was a great dresser.

I wonder when we'll begin to really have Game Of Thrones themed wedding in Nigeria, since we have Halloween parties and all that.

You captured a Sorcerer, destroyed her lands, killed her people, then expected her not to poison you. Smart move if you ask me.

More like Wiki, and Google, and Google Maps, combined together. Lord Varys; always in the know.

Important announcement: Women, if you see Ramsay in your sleep, please next time you are with your man, do the right thing. Or better still, stay at home and pray.

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