South African rapper, AKA is not impressed over an assault on his road manager, Tshiamo Letshwene by a popular Disc Jockey, Black Coffee.

A video footage showed the DJ having an altercation with Letshwene, which led to the latter getting a slap that made him lose his balance.

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As a result of this, AKA had to cancel his performance, and took to his Twitter handle to express his dissatisfaction.

He posted a series of tweets where he apologised to his fans and declared that he would no longer be performing at the DSTV Irock Festival.

"Apologies to my fans in PLK .... We won't be performing tonight. I arrived, my band setup .... And then some bullshit happened."

"Nobody will lay hands on someone on my team in front of thousands and expect me to continue as normal."

"If you want to know why I didn't perform tonight you will need to ask @dstvsa why it's ok for people to assault my road manager on stage."