Rapper and singer,

He said: ‘We have a lot of good rappers in the country, there are young talents who go out of their way to produce good music but never gets to be heard by the world because the stakeholders hardly discover talents’.

These stakeholders in the music circle will tell you to push harder, but what is there to push if the medium or circle is closed. There are young talents out there, name one of them that the industry discovered, zero, but let a young talent get a ‘God favor’ breakthrough, all the attention will be on him / her - why is it so, he opined.

Apaatse who is signed to Sisko Josh Entertainment was recently called out by the legendary Tinny as one of the best rappers in the country. According to Tinny, most of the young Ga rappers are doing the ‘Telemo’ kind of music and rap hence Apaatse is different - He said this in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

Apaatse known in real life as Enoch Allotey has worked with many like Nigeria’s Selebobo, Flowking Stone and he is still working very hard under the new label.

Known as the La Badi Champion, Apaatse raps in GA with a blend of pidgin and Twi in all his music and has countless songs in the system with the major one being ‘Wedding Day’.

The rapper is about to release his new single and video for the song ‘K3BA’ which literally means ‘bring it’. In talking about the song, Apaatse mentioned that the video for this song will be out July 12 - He made the announcement on Y107.9fm with Brown berry over the weekend.

The industry needs to open up more by discovering young talents and not wait till they become a success before everyone jumps on their case, his ending words.

‘K3BA’ video drops on July 12, be ready.