The musician on Tuesday, May 3 told Sammy Baah, host of AM Pluzz on Pluzz FM, that he was suffering as a musician when he was under the management of Bullhaus Entertainment.

According to Natural Face, the situation was bad to the extent that he was sleeping on the streets because he had no place to lay his head.

Reacting to the claims, Bulldog said “Natural Face is my first cousin and when he comes here to talk like that it hurts. I have done more for people. When I say I, I mean Bullhaus…It is not true that Natural Face was sleeping on the streets. We rented a place for him and paid the landlord for two years. The landlord is called Dreamline and you can call him to confirm what I am saying. Natural Face did not stay in the room for two years. He rather rented the place out to someone, took the money and travelled with it to Nigeria to marry a wife. The landlord is there and anyone can confirm this information from him.”

When the landlord was reached via phone to get more details, he admitted that Bulldog truly rented the place and paid two years advance for Natural Face. The landlord said Natural Face stayed there for over a year and then sublet the facility to someone, received the rent advance and fled to Nigeria.

Natural Face, when called into the show, made a u-turn and confirmed that indeed Bulldog rented a place for him to stay but he did not like the place because it was a store that had been rebuilt and converted into a room.

The musician said the rent was for a year and not two. Meanwhile, the same Natural Face had stated on the same AM Pluzz the previous day that he was sleeping outside.

Bulldog, speaking with some pain and disappointment in his voice, said it had become necessary for the public to differentiate between a record label and an artiste management company.

“We are a management company and not a record label…we are supposed to be paid by the artiste and not the other way round. Natural Face is supposed to pay us to do his work and not the other way round…We terminated his contract and not him. He came to us and said he wanted to go to Nigeria to marry so he wanted to opt out of the contract and we agreed.

“When Natural Face was working with us, we literally wrote all his songs for him because you took him to a studio for eight hours and he could not do anything. He does not write, he can’t and that is how he is. I wrote his songs. He comes to my house and because he is my brother I don’t want to go there. But food and money was not a problem to him,” Bulldog stated.

Natural Face, a Nigerian known in real life as Yemi Ouwatobi, was under the management of Bulldog’s company, Bullhaus Entertainment but they fell out and parted ways some years ago.