Music producer, Ahmed Banda, popularly known as Bandex has declared his intention to release a highlife album he recorded with Ofori Amponsah before the latter became a pastor.

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According to Bandex, the album, which also has highlife artiste, Kofi Nti on it was due to be released only for Ofori Amponsah to announce his decision to go into full time ministry.

He stated on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, on Tuesday that he decided not to release the album following Ofori Amponsah’s decision to be a pastor as he felt it could affect the convert.

He told show host, Abrantepa that once Ofori Amponsah is back to highlife, he is right to let Ghanaians have a feel of the ‘finest’ highlife album.

“I recorded Ofori before he went into ministry. I didn’t release the song because I thought it wouldn’t be helpful. However, I had a feeling that he will stage a comeback because that is his talent. And that would be an opportunity to release the song. Lo and behold, Ofori is back to highlife,” he said.

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Asked if he had discussed the issue with Ofori Amponsah’s management, Bandex said, “At the time I recorded the album, no current management member was part of Ofori. Nobody was there to represent him so I had to communicate with Ofori. In any case, the song was brought to me by Kofi Nti.”

On how he would promote the song, Bandex noted that he would not persuade Ofori Amponsah neither will he reject his support.

“I’m not in charge of Ofori’s brand. I’m promoting my song. The ‘Alewa’ is to promote Ofori’s brand and his comeback; mine is to serve as one of the finest albums. His management has the right to release his album; I also have the right to release an album I recorded with him years ago. I am not asking Ofori to embark on a media tour whatsoever to promote my album. I don’t want to be selfish and that is why I don’t want to enjoy the song alone. I think I should release such a nice album for Ghanaians to enjoy as well. And I’m sure Ofori will be happy that I’ve promoted his song big time,” he stated.

Bandex, answering if he would reconsider his decision should the cost of production be paid to him said he would appreciate but would let the fellow know that the song is more than good to be left of the shelves.

Meanwhile, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, a member of Ofori Amponsah’s management team speaking on the same platform dared Bandex to release the album saying, it is the least of their worries.

“We don’t see this as an issue. If he wants to release the album, we won’t stop him. I’m wondering why the news keeps coming. I think Bandex, with all due respect, is seeking attention as regards what he wants to do. As management, we are not contesting this. He is at liberty to do whatever he wants to do,” he noted.

Adding, “As a good businessman, why didn’t Bandex release the song when Ofori decided to go into ministry? It would have been a good hit. We are focused on the new Ofori Amponsah and his ‘Songs of Solomon’ album. We consider any other thing as a distraction.”

Ofori Amponsah who had wowed Ghanaians with his love songs declared in 2012 that he had received a ‘divine call’ to become a pastor. He noted he had parted ways with secular music and would be singing about the love of Christ in order to win souls.

Contrary to his statements, Ofori Amponsah is back to highlife claiming that the secular music space will provide him with a bigger opportunity to spread the gospel. He has subsequently released a song titled undefined which features Sarkodie.