Awal who emerged as the 1st runner up at the 2018 competition complained that the idea of the “winner takes all” after the competition isn’t helpful to the other runner-ups because apart from the exposure, they are left to their fate.

Reacting to this, O.V says that excelling after the competition is not even largely dependent on the prizes they receive because there are even some Hit Maker winners who are still struggling to come up.

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During a exclusive interview, the “Want Me” singer emphasized that it is one’s talent that can propel one’s commercial music success and not the prizes, therefore, she believes Awal already has what it takes to do well.

Okailey Verse

On further push by the host of Pulse Chat, as to whether the MTN Hitmaker prize package is fair, OV said she can’t say it’s cool but that’s what they’ve been promised before going into the show so she can’t complain.

"I am not saying it's cool cool cool, but I mean there were like instructions before we went for auditions, there were like the winner takes hundred thousand recording deal not cash, I bet there are previous winners that are still struggling to come up, we all know that" she said.

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