Kimilist: Hip-hop personified

There are not a lot of people that can proudly say that the hip-hop genre is their life, because that genre alone has been proven over the years to not be for the faint of heart.

Kimilist: Hip-hop personified

Every single day, hip hop lovers in Ghana and all across the world strive to find that one act that stands out amongst all others and does hip-hop justice, and that is where the outstanding act Kimilist hops into the scene, delivering a fresh sound and still sticking to his first passion: hip-hop.

There are some acts that are meant to shine in the music field, and looking at the exceptional hip hop artist Kimilist, he was clearly born to win over the hearts of many and rule the hip-hop game for a fact, both locally and internationally.

For those who have not had the pleasure to experience the sheer rap power Kimilist possesses, he is responsible for the birthing of timeless tracks such as “Kyer3”, which features the legendary AMG Medikal and the phenomenal Kwame Yesu, “Borkor Borkor” “Yawa” and “New Age Sound”, any lover of rap would fall in love with Kimilist’s hard-hitting lyrics and impeccable flow.

The thing that makes Kimilist stand out is not only that he is signed to one of the best record labels in the country, Mimlife Records, but it is simply the power behind every bar he spits. Kimilist is more than a worthy opponent in the rap game, and his loyal fanbase are a testament of that very fact.

A truly royal when it comes to everything rap, all lovers of the genre just cannot help but take their caps off for Kimilist, not because he is the face of a new rap generation, but he is rap. Putting his own spin on a popular genre takes a lot of courage, but his mastery has made him a king of his field, and everyone is just obsessed with him.

Here’s an artist for you … Kimilist

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