The 6-track project takes listeners from the gritty streets of London to the beautiful paradise of Africa, fusing two worlds together with musical sounds and languages that create the perfect canvas.

The project features strong collaborations including records with Dutch producer, Yin Yang, fast rising UK veteran producer, E.Double and Ghanaian sensation, Darkovibes to deliver an energetic project.

‘’Vibes for Days’’ is the perfect blend of the melodic synths and witty lyricism fans have come to appreciate the duo for.

‘’The best way to describe Kwamz & Flava to anybody is simply unpredictable, we got vibes for days and you’ll never know what you will get from us’’, Kwamz & Flava speaking on the EP.

The EP lunges in straight away with viral song contenders, ‘Understand’ and ‘Buss Your Brain’ - crafty rhythms that will subconsciously reecho in your mind on first listen.

Our personal favorite on the project and perhaps the strongest of the crop is ‘Beat’ featuring Darkovibes - an infectious melody leaving you pumped and hooked through and through.

Kwamz & Flava have consistently pushed the African sound with a decade of hit singles featuring Afro-Pop, Highlife and up-tempo dance style tracks.

With ‘’Vibes for Days’’ joining this impressive repertoire, the duo have surely etched their names among the finest hitmakers from the United Kingdom, Europe and Ghana.

Pulse Ghana caught up with the duo in a question and answer session to talk more about their latest project, the Darkovibes vibe on the project, their projections in the coronavirus pandemic and more.

Q: What’s your projection for 2021 amid the Coronavirus pandemic?

A: It’s hard to predict anything in this pandemic. All I can just promise you is more Kwamz & Flava like you’ve never seen before.

Q: What is the inspiration behind "Vibes for Days"?

A: The inspiration was us, everything we’re singing and rapping about has actually happened or something we’ve felt. The producers on the project were able to amplify that too.

Q: Out of all the top artists in Ghana, you chose Darkovibes. Why?

A: Darkovibes is a real talented and pure hearted individual just like the rest of our brothers and sisters back in Ghana. So, the link up was always pending and we made it make sense.

Q: What do you want to achieve with "Vibes for Days"?

A: For our fans and new listeners to feel they’ve experienced a new vibe and that this is another win for Africa.

Q: Are we going to have visuals for all singles off the mixtape? If yes, when should fans expect them?

A: We won’t say too much but you can definitely expect more visuals off the mixtape.

Stream “Vibes for Days” below and share your candid views with us.

Link to the mixtape