Gospel musician JoyceBlessing has made claims that her ‘’ album has more hits than that of Daddy Lumba’s ‘’ album as her songs are played at every occasion including night clubs.

Speaking on AtinkaFM, the ‘’ singer retained her stance, adding that, many of her tracks have been the toast of many Ghanaians and apart from having massive airplays, most of the songs on her current album are played at almost every function including night clubs.

“Apart from that, my songs are played at very function including night clubs. Lumba’s songs cannot be played in church” she stated.

She also added that her latest album has hit tracks like , which is the hit song, , featuring Jewel Ackah, , amongst others while Lumba has only “” and .”

She however praised DaddyLumba for churning out hit after hit for over two decades, adding that the highlifeicon is really a legend.