“Fine (SoNo FuSo)” is a rap project in three distinct languages, English, Italian and Twi. The song which was originally composed to relieve people of the pain coronavirus caused them.

With vibrant modern Hip Hop instrumentation programmed by Italy based Music Producer, Giosue Ciraolo “Joe Nevix” coupled with witty lyrics to calm nerves, “Phlow Banks” born Abdul Manaf Mohammed, “Shadowboy Myzic” born Daniel Kyei and “StreetBeatz” born Bright Kwame Appiah worked on “Fine (SoNo FuSo)” to cautiously welcome people back as things are getting back to normal.

Myzic Empire Records is a Ghanaian independent record label based in Italy with the main task of marketing and developing independent artists to meet the appeal of global music audiences.

Watch the official video of “Fine (SoNo FuSo)” performed by Phlow Banks, Shadowboy Myzic and StreetBeatz, shot and directed in Italy by Frank Falletta below;