Afro pop music duo, Ruff N Smooth has uploaded a video to back their claim that hiplife artiste, Guru intentionally performed their Send Ur Firesong at Gabon, contrary to an agreement between them asking the latter not to perform the single.

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Guru after making headlines following his ‘dazzling’ performance in Gabon was accused by the group of performing the song he was featured on when they had told him earlier not to because they had been booked for a similar show in the same country just to perform the Send Ur Fire.

According to the duo, they have lost the contract and are supposed to refund the money to the event organizers. They are demanding that Guru pays them the $20,000 amount lost, due to his actions.

Ray Monies of NKZ, a record label Guru is signed onto, responding to the accusations on Hello FM's Entertainment Review however said it was never part of their plans to perform the song. He indicated that, before the programme, they met with the Disc Jockey and gave him a list of songs Guru was going to perform and arranged them orderly which Send  Ur Fire was not included.

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“It wasn’t part of our performance but a mistake by the DJ… We didn’t add the song Send Your Fire to the playlist even though the song was a popular song in Gabon and as a result of Guru’s slogan ‘See you baby’ the populace generally thought it belongs to him. On the night of the event, as evidently seen in the videos which we will soon release in full, Guru gave a historic performance with his songs back to back, but at the end for some indistinct reasons the DJ dropped the Send your fire track after Guru’s last song for the night,” he said.

“We knew Guru was almost done with his performance so we were preparing the exit for him with the security, before we could run to stop the DJ, he had already started playing the song whiles Guru was on stage and he had no choice than to perform the song,” he added.

Ruff N Smooth who insisted that Guru deliberately performed the track has released a video to counter the rapper’s defence.

Watch and judge for yourself