The 25th TGMA lacked the silver jubilee spark: Editor's review

Unarguably, the Telecel Ghana Music Awards is the biggest music event in Ghana for recognising musicians. Often described as Ghana's Grammys or BETs, the event always carries high expectations and draws inevitable comparisons.

25th TGMA didn't look like silver jubilee, are the organizers tired? A Pulse Review

This year, the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) marked a significant milestone with its silver jubilee, the 25th edition.

However, the expectations for a grand celebration to acknowledge this feat were unmet at the ceremony, prompting the question: are the organisers losing steam?

For an event that has been a staple in Ghanaian music culture for a quarter of a century, the 25th TGMA felt surprisingly lacklustre.


The production quality, stage design, and overall presentation did not reflect the grandeur typically associated with such a significant anniversary.

TGMA 2024: The Red Carpet

If nothing else, a silver-themed dress code for all attendees could have been chosen for the event. However, there was no fashion-inspiration theme for the night. Everyone basically just looked through their closets, picked an outfit, and showed up at the TGMAs.

Without this, the event lacked the sparkle and excitement that should accompany a silver jubilee celebration.


TGM4 2024 Performance Highlights and Lows

While the night featured performances from top artists like King Promise, Stonebwoy, and Efya Nokturnal among others, the execution of some of these performances left much to be desired.

Moreover, there was no performance centered on the Silver Jubilee of the awards show. It would have been a brilliant idea to arrange for a few of the past winners of the awards scheme to take us back and give us a memorable show.


Though this was attempted with a Reggie Rockstone performance, his solo artistry over the night did not capture anything close to a Silver Jubilee celebration.

Additionally, some acts were plagued by technical difficulties, and the overall energy seemed lower compared to previous years. There were standout moments, but they were few and far between, failing to lift the night to the celebratory heights expected of a 25th-anniversary event.

TGMA 2024: Hosts and Engagement

The choice of hosts, Chris Attoh and Naa Ashorkor, was solid, yet their performances could not fully compensate for the other shortcomings of the night. While they managed to keep the show moving, the lack of engaging content and memorable interactions left a void in the viewer experience.


The hosts' efforts to engage the audience were noticeable but ultimately fell short of injecting the needed vibrancy into the evening.

For instance, Chris Attoh, easily recognised as one of the best TGMA hosts ever with iconic entries, did not live up to expectations.

He once arrived on stage with a motorbike another time with an ambulance, an unforgettable moment. His fourth return to host the show could have been better if he had ignited a nostalgic feeling with another iconic entry.

However, after Naa Ashorkor introduced him as her co-host, he simply walked onto the stage to a silent audience who were clearly expecting something more from him than they got.


TGMA 2024; Awards and Recognition

Despite the underwhelming production, the awards themselves were well-received, with deserving artists like Stonebwoy, who took home the Artiste of the Year award, receiving their due recognition. Other winners included Davido for Best African Artiste of the Year and Strongman for Best Rapper of the Year.

However, the excitement surrounding these wins was somewhat dampened by the overall tone of the event. Strongman among others were even absent to receive their awards. Winners absent at the event has bee a concern the TGMA hasn't been able to address after 25 years.


The TGMA in 2019 introduced the Artiste of the Decade category, which was won by Sarkodie. This category was much needed in a 25th-anniversary celebration, yet it was conspicuously absent, which is a significant oversight.

There couldn't have been a better time than now to appreciate Ghanaian artists who have contributed to the music industry over the past 25 years.

Are the TGMA Organisers Losing Steam?

With all the above highlighted, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the organisers of the TGMA are losing their drive. After 25 years, it’s reasonable to expect some evolution and adaptation, but this year’s event seemed to struggle with maintaining its relevance and excitement.

The TGMA has a rich history of celebrating Ghanaian music, and a silver jubilee should have been an opportunity to reflect on this legacy while setting a new standard for the future.


It feels as if the event is on autopilot and the organisers are comfortable with whatever result it yields as long as Telecel remains its title sponsor. This approach should be critically reviewed to make the awards more competitive for new sponsors who may introduce fresh ideas and drive to enhance the event.

In conclusion, the 25th TGMA did not live up to the expectations of a silver jubilee. While the event had its moments, it ultimately felt like a missed opportunity to celebrate the rich history and bright future of Ghanaian music. The organisers have their work cut out for them to ensure that the TGMA continues to be a prestigious and eagerly anticipated event in the years to come.

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