Press play revolutionizes Nigerian music with debut album 'Urban High'

Press Play introduces a groundbreaking fusion of urban pop and highlife genres with its debut album, "Urban High".


Spearheading this movement is Edwin Etinosa Ehiorobo, the visionary CEO of Etins Records. With "Urban High", Press Play presents a captivating collection that thrills listeners.

“Urban High” offers a musical experience—a seamless blend of soulful melodies, infectious rhythms, and poignant lyrics.

Featuring a stellar lineup including Yarden, Swayvee, Morien, and Yunos, each track on the album offers a unique perspective, showcasing diverse talents and creative energies.

Reflective of the vibrant Nigerian urban bars of the early 2000s, “Urban High” transports listeners into the heart of Nigerian alternative music, blending sounds to create a soulful reality.


From the dreamy vibes of "Drowsy" featuring Swayvee and Yarden to the infectious groove of "Lagos Party" featuring Yarden and Swayvee, “Urban High” takes listeners on a sonic journey through Nigerian streets, capturing the essence of urban life with its vibrant beats and catchy hooks.

What distinguishes Urban High is its seamless fusion of traditional highlife elements with modern urban sounds, offering a nostalgic yet forward-thinking experience.

It's a testament to the creativity and vision of Press Play, honoring Nigeria's musical heritage while pushing boundaries.

But "Urban High" marks just the beginning for Press Play. From its inception, Press Play has led creative innovation in Nigeria's entertainment industry. Evolving from live events to a multifaceted platform, Press Play celebrates Nigerian talent.


Under Edwin Etinosa’s leadership, Press Play has curated successful live events, featuring top-tier musicians and comedians, delivering unforgettable experiences across Nigeria.

Yet, Press Play's most remarkable aspect lies in its commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

Through live events, record label, and artist management services, Press Play empowers up-and-coming artists, providing platforms for growth and success.

Press Play's “Urban High” epitomizes creativity, innovation, and collaboration in Nigerian music.

With its unique blend of urban pop and highlife, Urban High showcases Press Play's talent and sets a promising future for Nigeria's entertainment industry.


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