Sarkodie pays heartfelt tribute to his late lawyer Maa C at Rapperholic

In a poignant and emotionally charged moment at the Rapperholic concert, Ghanaian rap sensation Sarkodie took the stage to pay a heartfelt tribute to his late lawyer and confidante, Maa C.


The touching tribute not only showcased the rapper's vulnerability but also highlighted the profound impact Maa C had on Sarkodie's career and personal life.

As the concert unfolded, Sarkodie seized a moment of reflection to acknowledge the absence of Maa C, whose full name is Cynthia Quarcoo. The renowned lawyer and key figure in Sarkodie's journey sadly passed away on Wednesday, Jun 21, 2023, at the age of 54, leaving a void in the artist's life that is still felt deeply.

Sarkodie's tribute to Maa C was both touching and sincere, the rapper spoke openly about the impact Maa C had on his career, recounting moments of guidance, support, and the invaluable role she played in shaping his trajectory in the music industry.

The emotional tribute served as a testament to the profound connection between the artist and his late lawyer.


As Sarkodie poured his heart out on stage, the audience became witnesses to a shared moment of grief and the collective empathy in the room transformed the concert into more than just a musical performance but also a space for communal healing and a celebration of the lives of those who have left an indelible mark.

It was a raw and honest acknowledgment of loss, a celebration of a mentor's legacy, and a powerful reminder of the enduring impact individuals can have on the lives of those they mentor.


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