10-year-old boy who lost his entire family refuses to be adopted; he’s farming to fend for himself

At the age of 10, a child should be under parents’ intensive care and watched over carefully but the case of this little orphaned boy is a different case.

10-year-old boy who lost his entire family refuses to be adopted; he’s farming to fend for himself

Dang Van Khuyen, a 10-year-old boy in rural Vietnam is currently depending on nobody but himself for survival. He engages in farming to fend for himself and take care of his education.

According to Odditycentral.com, the little boy lost his mother at a very young age and had to live with his grandmother while his father went away to find a job in construction. However, things got dramatically worse after his father died in an accident at work and his grandmother remarried in another village, as he was left with no support whatsoever.

When Dang Van Khuyen’s father was alive, he provided the youngster with money, food, clothes and other necessities but his demise dealt him a big blow.

A viral video feature shows him planting vegetables in the fields around his home, and harvesting bamboo shoots to cook. He reportedly spends his days and nights in an abandoned hut with a thatched roof but doesn’t want to get adopted by another family.

Khuyen’s teacher managed to raise enough money to bring his father’s dead body home for burial and alerted local authorities about the boy’s situation.

The most prudent option available was adoption since no family member was willing to take care of the orphaned boy, but he refused to be adopted saying he is capable of caring for himself.

Although some sympathetic neighbours give him some nutritious food like rice sometimes, he also harvests bamboo shoots and plants vegetables himself.

His only fear has to do with sleeping in his hut alone at night.

Khuyen’s teacher has kept sharing his plight online and many kind-hearted Vietnamese have offered all sorts of help including adoption but he insists to live by himself.

Interestingly, amid all the difficulties, the little boy ensures he never misses school. Riding on his bicycle, he attends classes and returns home to carry on with his farming activities.

Watch him in the video below:


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