Allow men to marry 2 women to reduce adultery – Ghanaian female gospel musician

A Ghanaian female gospel singer has triggered controversy after advocating for men to be allowed to marry two women to help reduce the high rate of adultery.

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If this recommendation was made by a Muslim woman, it wouldn’t be news but because no less a person than Stella Aba Seal is the one championing polygamy many people have been left shocked.

The popular gospel musician reportedly told Becky on E with Becks that if men were given the liberty to marry more than one woman, they would not be tempted to have extramarital affairs with other women.

''If a married man is responsible and I'm his first wife and he wants to marry [another wife] and he can take care of both of us...I don't have a problem with that,'' Stella Seal said.

“If you think you love the woman enough, do the needful or fix your marriage. I speak to ladies who tell me they have four to six boyfriends just because they don’t know who will give them security,” she added.

It is a bit difficult to decipher how polygamy will help reduce adultery.


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