2 married women exchange husbands to find ‘happiness’

Would you trade your spouse with another person in a barter trade fashion just because you are looking for ‘happiness’?

Two married women exchange husbands to find ‘happiness’

Well, while you are taking your time to imagine the whole scenario, two Kenyan women did not waste time in doing so, and they claim to be happy after it.


Reports say the husband of Lilian Weta, a 28-year-old woman and mother of three had snatched 29-year-old Millicent Auma, also a mother of two from her husband to become his second wife.

Lilian Weta who did not want to have a rival thought it fair to then leave Kelvin for Millicent Auma and marry her husband who she had jilted.

She used every possible means to convince Christopher Abwire to fall in love with her and he did.


According to, Christopher told members of the press at his home that Millicent left him and varnished, only for him to learn later that she got married another man.

After the husband switch story made headlines, the two couples decided to meet, and they both agreed to remain with the switched spouses because they are happier than they were in their former relationships.

Kevin is reported as saying it was a blessing in disguise when Lilian made the choice to leave the marriage because unlike her, Millicent gives him peace of mind.



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