The marriage between a 27-year-old woman and an 83-year-old famous shaman in Indonesia’s Central Java province is the latest ‘true love’ story to have taken the Asian country by storm.

According to, the lady identified simply as Nuraeni first met Sudirgo in July, when the she accompanied her parents to the famous shaman’s house in Desa Jatilaba, to seek his advice.

Unknown to her parents with whom she visited the octogenarian, Nuraeni was head over heels in love with the old man whose children are old enough to be her parents.

She found one excuse to the other just to visit Sudirgo and subsequently invited him to visit her too at her parents’ home.

Although the old man was initially not interested in a romantic relationship with his ‘granddaughter’, she kept showing signs of through various means to him that she was interested in him.

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Interestingly, when he asked her to marry him, it was a dream come true for Nuraeni as she accepted the proposal without hesitation.

After agreeing to marry each other, the next heddle was to seek their families’ consent to the union.

Nuraeni’s family agreed to her relationship with the old man, but Sudirgo’s children, the oldest of whom is reportedly 51-year-old were skeptical. They wanted to know why of all the young men of her age around Nuraeni chose to marry their father.

They even tried to make her change her mind and look for a younger man for marriage, but the efforts did not yield any result.

Sudirgo is quoted as saying: “Yes, actually my husband’s children have asked many times why I did not look for a partner the same age as me, but I just love my grandfather.”

The much talked about marriage is reported to have taken place on August 18, in front of their families and dozens of villagers. This was the girl’s first marriage, and Surdigo’s fourth. Despite the controversy regarding the 56-year age difference between them, Surdigo’s children claim that their new step-mother is truly in love with the 83-year-old man, and did not marry him for fame and fortune, reported.

As usual, some people are of the view that the young woman was more interested in her grandpa’s wealth than anything to do with love. However, she defended her decision by claiming she fell in love with her new husband on the first day she set her eyes on him; regardless of the 56-year difference.