76-year-old Museveni shows amazing stamina after students dared him (video)

Ugandas President Yoweri Museveni left some students of the East African country speechless after he exhibited unimaginable stamina through pushups after they dared him to prove that he was still hale and hearty.

76-year-old Museveni shows amazing stamina after students dared him

According to, before he left the venue, the students challenged their president to show off his stamina.

As if he had prepared beforehand, Museveni rose to the challenge and did pushups to the surprise of the students who probably thought their president was aging and so might be losing his strength too.

The show of energy attracted cheers from the students who gave him a standing ovation amidst applause for their president.


A video of the scene was uploaded to the internet which shows Museveni waving to the jubilant crowd as he walked off with a lot of pride and fulfillment.

The controversial war veteran appears to take his health seriously by engaging in workout sessions to keep himself fit.

Reports say about a few months ago, Museveni was filmed exhibiting workout skills while in the company of his grandchildren. He then proceeded to do 40 press-ups nonstop to the amazement of his grandchildren who were doing the counting.


In other news, a video has emerged showing Mimie Moana, one of the ladies who died in a fatal car crash with popular Zimbabwean tycoon Ginimbi crying and expressing fears about her death.

36-year-old Ginimbi from Zimbabwe was said to be a successful petroleum trader before his untimely death on Sunday, November 8, around Borrowdale Road in Harare.

Several fans and followers of the young man flooded his official page on Instagram to express sadness over his death which took everyone by surprise.

Now, a trending video shows Moana, crying as she talked about her death and how she wished she could control it.


Before her death, the pretty lady was a video vixen and fitness coach.

Reports say she was returning home from her birthday party alongside Ginimbi and two others when their Rolls Royce crashed and exploded afterward.



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