Reverend Ransford Obeng, the founder and head pastor of the Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC) has descended heavily on African men, describing them as selfish people who are unromantic.

According to reports, the man of God cast the damning verdict on African men during a sermon in his church.

“In Africa, when a man and his wife are from the farm, you see the woman carrying a load of foodstuffs and at the same time carrying a baby while the man follows her with a hoe. At home, the woman has to cook for the family and the man seen relaxing under a shed.

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“After the woman has cooked, the best part of the meal is given to the man. The woman fetches water for the husband to bath. The woman has to go back to the kitchen to do the cleaning of the cooking utensils.

“By the time she finishes, the man is already in bed with fresh energy. The moment the woman hits on the bed, the man then bounces back on her for s3x,” Reverend Obeng is quoted as saying.

Well, in as much as the Reverend man of God may have hit the nail right on the head, there are some African men including himself who are different.

Where do you belong? The kind of men the pastor spoke about or the few different ones? Share your opinion!