What is even more interesting is the appointment of imprisoned Medical Doctor, Sulley Ali-Gabass, as a tutor at the UCC new campus at the Nsawam prisons.

According to Adomonline.com, Dr Ali-Gabass’ appointment follows the matriculation of 59 inmates of the Nsawam medium-security to study as distant students of the UCC on Saturday.

Dr Ali-Gabass, together with lecturers of UCC and Prison officers as well as inmates with professional skills, are expected to help in the successful running of the Plan Volta Foundation’s project to allow long-term serving inmates to enrol onto UCC’s Distance Learning Programme, the news website reports.

Ali-Gabass was once a medical doctor of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in the Western Region before his incarceration in 2015 for 25 years for sodomising a 16-year-old senior high schoolboy.

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He has since been imparting knowledge to his fellow inmates at the Nsawam Prisons, so his appointment appears to be a shot in the arm.

Watch him in the video below expressing his willingness to carry out his new job whole-heartedly: